Creating financial products has never lacked for challenges

We’re working to make the Banking-as-a-Service model better

When it comes to introducing new services, FinTechs and brands offering embedded finance have never been short on challenges. Regulatory issues and the limitations of core technologies have left many banks unable to fully respond to those needs.

As a result, innovation has often been slow or unsuccessful. At Mode Eleven, we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. And we’re here to change things.

We’re here to solve the five main issues facing the current Banking-as-a-Service industry model


It’s a fragmented market

FinTechs must cobble together solution sets from multiple bank partners, often leaving them short of a full solution across all banking products.

OUR Solution:

Mode Eleven eliminates sourcing fragmentation by offering, a comprehensive one-stop shop tech platform that spans from traditional to highly innovative banking products.


Partnering with banks can be hard

The limitations of legacy core banking technology platforms reduce opportunities and slow the rollout of competitive, innovative products.

OUR Solution:

Mode Eleven makes it easier to innovate and deliver new services by enabling clients to leverage a flexible, modern architecture.


Regulatory requirements create barriers

It takes real depth and breadth of regulatory know-how to respond with solutions that are not only compliant, but future-ready.

OUR Solution:

Mode Eleven, together with its nationally chartered bank subsidiary, provides FinTechs access to a full complement of products and infrastructure.


Typical third-party BaaS enablers are limited and expensive

Solution providers commonly connect via “middleware” API connections that unfortunately limit flexibility and do not support full suite offerings. Often, this challenge adds complexity and drives costs higher.

OUR Solution:

Mode Eleven’s structure provides a single partner, which will help reduce the cost and risk typically associated with working through disparate third-party technologies to connect to products and processes.

Let’s accelerate your innovation.

REGULATIONS make product innovation harder.

Banking is one of the mostly highly regulated industries in the world. For example, offering and supporting a prepaid banking product requires adherence to a challenging and cumbersome list of oversight requirements. Mode Eleven technologies and processes give you a market-ready, compliant solution.

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Third-Party Solutions are
Limited and Expensive

Some third parties attempt to address regulatory requirements and technological challenges, but most fall short.

Current BaaS offerings are incomplete

They don’t support the serial innovation driving FinTech offerings today.

Pricing can be prohibitively expensive

For many FinTech product and service offerings, adding a third-party increases costs.

Complexity and execution risk

Managing and complying with bank requirements while also working with third-party service providers can introduce even more complexity and execution risk for FinTechs.

Mode Eleven’s Product Builder Platform eliminates the complexity, burden and cost of third-party middleware integration. The result is fewer moving parts and less headache for you.


Legacy platform infographic. Process begins with traditional banking core and tech stack, moves to middleware, and then progresses via 3 API pathways to the Fintech customer at the end.


Mode Eleven

Mode Eleven infographic

Whether you are a new market entrant or a large incumbent organization, the Mode Eleven team is here to help you sharpen your product vision and execute on your go-to-market strategy.

Mode Eleven enables FinTech partners to:

Directly connect to the banking tech stack

Access customizable API capabilities

Reduce risk

Reduce integration costs

Reduce time to market

Let’s accelerate your innovation.